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High Speed UV Laser Marking

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The UV laser engraving machines can engrave over different nonmetals materials, mark over soft materials as plastics bags, the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, and other sensitive products, giving a high contrast engrave giving a permanent and indelible brand.[pipe]What's the difference between UV laser and Fiber laser [hdpe]Dec 13, 2018 · As we can see the laser UV, it can engrave more materials than the fiber laser. The UV laser it can mark over different materials, but it has less power of engraving and carving over metal materials, it is there when the fiber laser machine it can have a significant advantage over the UV laser at the time of mark, engrave and carve metal materials.[pipe]UV laser marker with diode pumped (Nd:YVO4 laser) FOBA [hdpe]The FOBA V.0020 uv ultraviolet marking laser applies high contrast markings on sensitive products. As the vector scanning laser colors the product's surface photo chemically, the heat that results from laser marking is so little that even highly sensitive products and materials remain undamagedfrom aircraft cables and translucent or colored tubes for various industries through medical

UV Marking Machine Sinotech Laser Offers Laser Marking

Applicable MaterialsTransparent polymer materials,electronic components reflection film,plastic buttons,wire harmess glass,ceramics ans potteries,tiles, aluminum nameplates. metallic and [pipe]Laser Marking Products KEYENCE[hdpe]3 Axis UV Laser Marker MD U Series(355 nm wavelength) Achieving high contrast and damage free marking Improved high contrast marking on resins and polymers Marking with reduced thermal damage High speed marking enabled with a digital scanner; Click here for more information. Download Product Catalog. Price Request[pipe]Industrial Marking and Engraving Machine and Solutions [hdpe]3D UV Laser Marker. The 3D UV laser marker is manufactured with imported core components, high speed high precision 3D galvo scanner and in house developed 3D software and control system, ideally realizing a fine mark on any kind of curved surface.

High Speed UV Laser Marking Machine for Various Glasses

High Speed UV Laser Marking Machine for Various Glasses Superwave Laser Technology Co. is a professional China complete automtaic laser welded chain making machine manufacturer, with professional factory we are always able to offer you discount complete automtaic laser welded chain making machine, laser welded figaro curb and cable chains, bismark laser chains laser welded [pipe]UV Laser Marking Sub System Coherent Coherent[hdpe]Powerful UV Laser Sub System for High Throughput Laser Marking This sub system utilizes a powerful UV laser source to enable high speed, high contrast plastics marking. This makes the PowerLine E 8 QT an ideal choice for system builders supporting microelectronics, medical, automotive, packaging, and appliance production.[pipe]UV Laser Machine Vs. Fiber laser Marking Machine XTLASER[hdpe]In simple words, the main advantage of the fiber laser engraving machine is its capacity of engraving, mark and carve at high speed ON the non metal materials. The fiber laser also can mark different non metal materials but the result of the engraving on this materials it is not going to be as well done like with a UV laser machine.

Laser marking on plastic Precise and indelible LASIT

Using different laser sources (especially green and UV light) allows obtaining markings with a sharp contrast even on the hardest plastics (such as white POM, for example). Laser marking resists wear and tear, heat and contact with acids, ensuring, as is the case with complex data matrix codes, full traceability of information over time.[pipe]UV Lasers ROFIN[hdpe]The UV marking lasers PowerLine E UV with wavelength of 355 nm are, due to a high repetition rate, particularly suitable for marking plastics (ABS, PA). They reach very high speeds which are indispensable for short cycle times in industrial manufacturing environments.[pipe]UV Laser Marking Machine xtlaser Production supplier[hdpe]1.Fast marking Speed and High Efficiency. 2.High Electro optic Conversion Efficiency. 3.Perfect marking effect. 4.Integrated structure,small and compact size,less occupied area,easy transportation. 1.Multiple power laser light source, available for many industries; 2.Fast speed, high efficiency, stable output power, high reliability;

UV Laser Coding Machine, Glass Engraving Machine

The main features of the UV laser marking machine are high electro optical conversion rate, high beam quality, very small spot size, and ultra fine marking. The nonlinear crystal has long service life, very stable operation, high accuracy positioning and high efficiency working.[pipe]UV Marking Machines Sphere Laser, LLC Home Laser [hdpe]SL UV laser marking machines use domestic high quality ultraviolet laser source, since the ultra small focusing spot of 355nm ultraviolet light and Processing heat affected zone is negligible,it is suitable for processing those materials that have big reaction to thermal radiation, .[pipe]30W CAMFive Laser Industrial Fiber Engraver FM30, Galvo [hdpe]30W Fiber Laser Engraver. The CAMFive FM fiber laser series can mark metals and nonmetal materials at a high speed and resolution. It is equipped with core optical devices such as an OEM fiber laser source, galvo system, a high speed full digital marking control card and powerful PC software. It not only improves adaptability and

Cheap High Speed CO2 Laser Marking Machine For Sale

High speed CO2 laser marking machine quickly marks a variety of patterns in a short period of time, making business easy. As an advanced laser equipment supplier, we have cheap high speed CO2 laser marking machine for sale. With this machine, you can mark non metallic materials, and you can also use software such as Photoshop, even if you are a beginner, you can use this laser marker smoothly.[pipe]China Portable UV Laser Marking Machine 3W 5W 10W [hdpe]China Portable UV Laser Marking Machine 3W 5W 10W, Find details about China Small Size, High Speed from Portable UV Laser Marking Machine 3W 5W 10W Nanjing Aurora Laser [pipe]High Precision UV Laser Marking Machine Suppliers Best [hdpe]With small UV focus spot and heat affected zone, UV laser marking machine has high absorptivity to 355nm UV light, which is suitable for many materials. Product Introduction High performance ultraviolet laser and superior laser beam quality bring exquisite marking effect for customers;

Quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine & UV Laser Marking

Wuhan Questt ASIA Technology is best Fiber Laser Marking Machine, UV Laser Marking Machine and Laser Cleaning Machine supplier, we has good quality products & service from China.[pipe]UV Laser[hdpe]UV Laser was born by a desire to be creatively different. We're making it easy, fast & low cost for creatives to turn your wild ideas into custom products. With a few clicks you can control the digital creation, quoting, on demand production & delivery of your products, using our laser cutting & engraving robots connected to the Internet.[pipe]High Precision UV Laser Marking Machine Suppliers Best [hdpe]With small UV focus spot and heat affected zone, UV laser marking machine has high absorptivity to 355nm UV light, which is suitable for many materials. Product Introduction High performance ultraviolet laser and superior laser beam quality bring exquisite marking effect for customers;

SpeedMarker laser marking systems Trotec Laser

Automation friendly interfaces. Automated productivity The SpeedMark ® laser software not only centrally controls the laser process, but also offers automation friendly interfaces for connecting external data and control commands. Infinite scripting possibilities guarantee consistent quality for ecurring markings. The legibility of the laser marking is guaranteed by high quality optics and [pipe]China High Quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine High Speed [hdpe]High Quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine High Speed Home > Product > Laser Marking > Fiber Laser Marking IPG/SPI/Raycus and other brands of fiber laser are used, with reflection isolation protection function, high peak power output, and an average fault free working time of 100000 hours. [pipe]Laser Marking System JR Industries[hdpe]The M 100L is a fully automatic, computer controlled, high speed, solid state UV Laser wire and cable marking system. Lasers have become one of the preferred means of marking wire and cable because of their reliability, throughput, cleanliness and very low maintenance requirements.

VESUVE UV laser for high speed marking Alphanov

To achieve a high rep rate UV laser of industrial reliability. (2012 2015) About the projectThe VESUVE project aims at achieving a high rep rate UV laser of industrial reliability for marking cables applications, for which the market demands always larger speed and functionality.[pipe]


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